At TAG we believe sound management does not just happen! It must be carefully planned and implemented by experienced Property Managers. Over 30 years of continuous training and education guides our management team to become your Real Estate Solution.

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Your Condominium Corporation requires and deserves expertise and experience. In the largely unregulated industry of condominium management you need the experience of our team of professionals who are thorough, dependable, responsive and guided by the ACMO 2000 Certified management platform. Read more about ACMO 2000

The laws governing condominium corporations are complex and far reaching. From the intricacies of the Condominium Act, compliance with the Corporation's Declaration, By-laws and Rules, to routine maintenance and liability concerns, financial and invesment guidelines, and audit regulations to name a few. Add on vital new aspects of Ontario's Human Rights legislation, Occupational Health and Safety, and it quickly becomes apparent that today's Board of Director's can benefit from working with an informed partner on their side with the experience and expertise to navigate the condominium world with favourable results. We pride ourselves on being that partner you can turn to for expert advice and guidance based on over 30 years of real world experiences, in addition to protecting the Corporation's assets, property values, and quality of life for its' residents.

Request a detailed management proposal today, and receive a comprehensive management plan customized to the unique requirements and specific needs of your Corporation, direct from our President and Founder Trevor J. Maddern

We are experts in Residential, Commercial, Investment, Office, Retail and Industrial Property Management. TAG Management's portfolio includes over $200 Million in managed commercial, industrial, and investment property and assets, and we serve clients all over North America and Europe. Our managment team is trained to deal efficiently and effectively with all aspects of managing your home, office or investment property.

Our attentive hands-on approach to service is fundamental to our core culture. TAG supports our team’s day-to-day operations with advanced technology, in-depth managerial resources and efficient systems that eliminate or minimize problems and maximize your return on investment.

Request a detailed management proposal today, and receive a comprehensive management plan customized to your unique requirements and specific needs, direct from our President and Founder Trevor J. Maddern.

Our full range of professional property management services are designed to support the mandates of our non-profit housing societies. We offer personalized services that meet the specific needs of each property, respecting each groups' unique structure and objectives.

We've managed non-profit communities for nearly 20 years. Request a Proposal and receive references from satisfied clients, including local municipalities.