As a property owner in Ontario, it is your right to pay only your fair share of property tax. The MPAC assessed property value of your home is used to calculate your property tax levy year after year. The value assessment process carried out by MPAC typically does not assess properties on an individual basis in the traditional fashion, instead it is done by analyzing sales data over a certain area or region, and other factors (read more on MPAC's website). This mass appraisal technique can lead to overassessed properties across the province. Luckily, there is an appeal system in place to assist property owners in adjusting the assessed value of their real estate to a fair level.

That's where we come in. We'll work alongside you during the entire review & appeal process. Browse our brochure to learn more about this no risk and no upfront fee service, then download our Tax Appeal Package to get started today. It includes the required forms and detailed information about how TAG works with you to have your property's assessed value lowered, creating tax savings for the current year and all future tax years.

Our service applies to condominiums, residential single family, residential multi-family and commercial/industrial properties.

Please complete our Tax Questionnaire and return to info@theactivegroup.ca along with a copy of your most recent MPAC Notice of Assessment form you received in the mail. A TAG Consulting Team member will evaluate your assessment and respond to you within 48 hours.

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"$29 million was left ‘on the table’ in 2010 by Ontario residents who didn’t know about the various energy rebate incentives and funding", according to Ontario’s former GreenSaver program. Due to a recent change in Provincial legislation, millions of Ontario property tax payers are eligible to challenge and reduce tax assessments of their homes. Lower assessments mean lower property taxes. In addition to the thousands in property tax refunds and savings resulting from professionally-prepared and negotiated Ontario Tax Assessment Appeals, TAG works closely with partner consultants who have saved TAG-managed clients, corporations and condo owners six-digits in savings with professionally-managed and negotiated hydro, water and lighting retrofits, home energy audits, and successful tax appeals.

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